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4 Things Your Entrepreneur Friend Wants You To Do!

  1. Please buy your friend’s product or service – DO NOT ask for a discount or ”mates rate”

If your friend is offering a product or service that you would like, please do not ask them to give this to you for free. For example, if your friend is a personal trainer – don’t ask for a free personal training session. When you invest in your friend’s business – you give them the confidence to be commercially bold and demand a price for their product or service. The quicker they do so – the quicker they’ll be able to start seeing a return & who knows they may be able to pick up the bill when you next go out for a meal!

  1. Please share, ‘like’ & comment on their content

If your friend creates content (video, blog, social media) please share and comment. When you share and comment this widens the reach of their content. It takes nothing for you to simply share and leave a comment – it’ll mean a lot to them!

  1. Please go to their events

If you have a friend who performs in whatever way, when you can – please attend their events. If your friend shares an event that they are billed to perform – trust me – they’d like you to attend. Having you in the audience will make a world of difference to them. Plus, you don’t want to be the friend that’s late to the party and asking to tag along to the Grammys when your friend makes it.

  1. Be supportive!

You may  not have the money, time or be social media savvy but you can still be there for your friend Рlend a listening ear & give them encouragement

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