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I Promised I Wouldn’t Tell!


November 30, 2011 Poetry & Reviews


Love- We need to love our Lord God with all our hearts , minds and strength . True love is from God alone. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 about His love for us. Joy- But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in [...]

November 29, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

J.A.- Far Away

Far Away by J.A [...]

November 20, 2011 Music, Poetry & Reviews

Ready or Not

P4CM Presents Ready or Not by Featured RHETORIC Poets Ezekiel & Janette [...]

November 13, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

Book Review : How to avoid the 10 Mistakes single Women make

All around me i noticed how young women i went to school with are all  getting engaged and getting married , this seems to be the growing trend around  women in their early to late 20s , and being single it can [...]

November 12, 2011 Articles, Lifestyle, Poetry & Reviews

38 000 feet up in the air

 38 000 feet up in the air There is something about the aerial view that puts everything in perspective. The inconsequential things that we concentrate on – now seeming immaterial.   From up here it is evident that there is [...]

October 19, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

Beauty is Africa

I may not be the standard for beauty of any society , when i walk my hips move i walk with pride unashamed of the trail i pull behind. I will not let the the blue eyes that see and [...]

October 19, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

I think God stood me up !!!!

EVER  had a feeling that God doesn’t like you? That you work really hard and he never shows up for his part of the deal? That you’ve been divinely stood up… the literal sense? It’s a horrible feeling. You sit [...]

October 2, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

We Were Young & Refused To Believe

We were young & refused to believe that we could not do anything that we set our hearts & minds on. Pushed by the urgency of purpose but slowed by gravity- the journey began. Life. We did life and found [...]

September 30, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

The Freedom Of Losing Everything

Lose : To come to be without ,so that there is little or no prospect of recovery. The freedom of losing everything Losing everything was the best thing that happened to me. The unfamiliar feeling of an open hand, a [...]

September 7, 2011 Poetry & Reviews