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Count your Blessings,Child.

Count your blessings child, I am counting my blessings But lately each blessing has been Preceded by a scar So, that’s why I cry when I count the blessings because the Scars hurt.   The scars of my love The [...]

August 8, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

The Hairdresser of Harare : Tendai Huchu

“Like very good dark chocolate this is a delicious novel, with a bitter-sweet flavour. Vimbai is a hairdresser, the best in Mrs Khumalo’s salon, and she knows she is the queen on whom they all depend. Her situation is reversed [...]

June 21, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

LIFE: A Balancing Act

His laughter , ever so animated, faded and from the corner of my eye,I stole a glimpse of him wipe away a tear. His mother had been a stern woman, meticulous in her ways. He recalled  how she was one of [...]

June 9, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

Please accept your daughter

I don’t know how I got here Feeling weak & weary Lord I need you Tried to make it on my own Misused your Grace now I’m tired & weary Lord I need you Please accept your daughter Father can [...]

June 9, 2011 Poetry & Reviews


A cacophony of letters put together in a matter of fact way- Rejection The reality that you have not been chosen, reality that another made a choice not you- Rejection at birth by the seed giver, only to meet rejection [...]

June 1, 2011 Poetry & Reviews

Detangled Souls

en·tan·gle : To twist together or entwine into a confusing mass Two souls entangling can be a beautiful experience the ease of pouring out the depths of your thoughts to another Tucked in the crevices of your heart,your  intimate aspirations, being [...]

June 1, 2011 Poetry & Reviews