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Mary Mary Talk Possible 2018 Album, President Trump & more


Our fave sister duo Tina & Erica caught up with Essence Now host Makho Ndlovu and talked about Mary Mary season 6. Season 6 is the last season of the popular reality show. The sisters shared that they both decided to take the cameras out of their homes because keeping up with their busy schedules, families along with the reality show was taking its toll.

When asked when fans should expect a new Mary Mary album, Erica said she was open to a 2018 release. Tina didn’t commit to a 2018 album but we are hoping that we’ll get this album in 2018. Tina shared that her marriage is in a great place now and her and Teddy (her husband) are now using their experience to help other marriages going through similar challenges.

Tina, has been in the news recently because of her vote for President Trump and her previous letter stating that christians should pray for leadership. Tina said that her position is to pray for leadership and to hope for the best. 




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