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So You Want To Podcast? : 5 Tips To Build Your Podcast!

Remember those awkward icebreaker moments when you have to tell the person you’re paired with your interests for them to share with the rest of the group? Yep – I hate them too but recently I have found that one thing I do share is my love for podcasts.

 Podcasts have revolutionised my commutes & it’s always great discovering new voices. I have worked with and helped a number of podcasts grow their audience and brand recognition so here are some key tips to help you!

 1. It’s all about the sound!

Sound is one of the most important components for ensuring a successful podcast. If the sound is not great, a new listener will simply X out and is less likely to give the podcast a chance. There are tips on how you can get better sound here 


2. Be Yourself!

The content of your podcast is key – talk about something that you’re passionate about, that comes easily to you. If the content is not of interest – it will be obvious and listeners won’t stick around. There are podcasts on a wide range of topics from popular culture topics, politics to fasted cardio! If there’s a topic you’re always talking about with your friends – there’s likely to be a whole tribe of people interested in that too.


 3. Consistency

Be consistent with your podcast timing. Start off by choosing the frequency of your podcasts. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly? Once you choose the frequency make sure you stick to this so that listeners know when to expect your podcast. Inconsistency will not keep an audience


4. Engagement

Engagement with your audience is key. Every comment, tweet etc should be acknowledged to help build a rapport and make your audience feel invested in your podcast. An audience that is engaged will spread the word about your podcast.


 5. Podcast platforms

There are number of platforms where you can place your podcast. It is key that your podcast is available through SoundCloud & The Podcast app on Apple. These are the most popular platforms. Most people will want ease of access to your podcast.


These are just a few tips to help you start & grow your podcast.


Contact me here for more helpful tips tailored to your idea!

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