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What Does ‘Success’ Look Like in 2016?

A well-paying job? A big house? A business? Growing family? These can all be markers of ‘success’ and definitely feats which should be celebrated. But what does success really mean to you? As we’re in the New Year – many of us will set New Year’s resolution to achieve and/or attain success in an area in our lives. This is a time that can also make some people feel down because it’s yet another reminder that they haven’t yet got that big house or corporate job and succeeded in the world’s eyes.

It’s important to revaluate what success looks and feels like to you. Ultimately, success is finding happiness. Finding true, constant happiness and waking up every day happy. Whilst going to a well-paying job may bring happiness to one person, the same may not apply to another – and that’s fine. If you’re happiest spending time with your family and you long to adjust your time so that you spend as much time at home – that’s fine, take steps to do that even at the expense of material markers of success. If that makes you happy, work towards that and when you get there – that’s success to you.


So in this New Year, remember that success is personal to you. If you’ve already identified what truly makes you happy – you’re well on your way to achieving success.

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