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What Prince’s Legacy Teaches Us About Friendship & Charity

Legend, Iconic, Music Maestro – these are all the things we already knew about Prince. However after his untimely passing the world has got a glimpse of the friend and humanitarian that he was. What makes this revelation even more intriguing is that Prince’s extensive philanthropic work was never made public and this is how he wanted it to be.

Maya Angelou said it best, people will forget what you say but they will always remember how you made them feel. We’re slowly learning the impact he had to many ordinary people’s lives – we probably won’t truly understand the full impact as the beneficiaries of this did not know that Prince was the source. Watch the clip below which is from a segment from The View in 2012 where Prince appeared with actress Rosario Dawson and former Obama advisor Van Jones to talk about his work with Rebuild the Dream, an initiative which supports the economic betterment of all.

Prince helped to create Yes We Code which now has 15 technology companies which are working with young children getting them ready to work in Silicone Valley. He funded Green For All which has helped numerous people in Oakland California get solar panels. Watch Van Jones talk to CNN’s Don Lemon about this.

Lastly, many people have said that he was a friend who was always there for everyone. Watch MSNBC’s Tamron Hall talk about her friendship with Prince.


The world has lost a legend, however in his passing Prince has taught us a lesson on selfless giving.

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